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Spring 2020           

As we look forward to all of the wonderful things of Spring, we want to remember that there are so many people around our world that do not know Jesus. The people around us in our communities as well as those in neighboring communities may not know about the wonderful love of God that is shown to us though Jesus the Messiah. We have a great privilege and call to let people around us hear about Jesus.

With all the uncertinty of this COVID-19 it seems that our whole life is on hold. However, I am so thankful for the presence of the Lord and His great faithfulness. We have been praying and preparing for this year and the events that will take place to help us share His message where we are. We had several teams and events scheduled, but it is all on hold.
We all need to hold on to the hand of the Lord through this time.
 Will you join us in giving and praying for this world?
Pray with us for those who have no hope as we all live in these
uncertain times.