“Lord, give us the best opportunities to tell of Your love,

  and help us make the best of those opportunities..., AMEN”

Wendell & Patti McClung

The cycles of life:

Recently, I had the privilege of speaking at the Teen Challenge facility in Lithuania. I spoke about how the Lord is like a silversmith, he refines the junk out of our life then makes us into something for His service...

“Remove the dross from the silver and a silversmith can produce a vessel.” (Proverbs 25:3)

There are three of these cycles:

First, is the Refining... The Lord takes our old life with its appetites, addictions and guilt and he removes them. We however, must work with Him in this process

       Second is Renewal... The Master Silversmith, helps us renew our

       thinking Romans 12 “... be not conformed to this world any longer

       and be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

            Thirdly is Releasing! The Master does not set us free, make us new

            just to put us on a self as a souvenir. We all have a testimony of how

            our Creator has changed our lives. He wants us to share that with


Through all of these cycles, there are some refining and renewing happening.



In May 2019, we had a team in Kendice, SK...

In March 2019 we will have our 10th Convoy event it will be a series of 6 smaller outreaches right in the places the Roma people live.

We had our 8th Event in Sol’ : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4ZH4ZEnDnA

We had our 7th Event in Sabinov, Slovakia on August 26, 2017

click here to see the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKEfKikDiok


Please continue to pray with us:

* The 9th Convoy of Hope event in Eastern Slovakia, that the seeds that were sown will be fruitful

* New converts & leadership in Sol’, Sabinov, Sobrance and surrounding areas

   --To see a video click here: Sobrance 2017

* Health & wisdom for us as we continue ministry in Slovakia


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“Kendice 2019...” video

Click here

We had a bitter sweet moment, our daughter Krista and her family: Michael, Nathan & Samuel said “see ya later” to City Church in Klaipeda. There are moving after19 years in Lithuania to USA.

The Teen Challenge Farm director and Michaels uncle Andrea with Nathan and Andrea’s wife Jurgita, saying good bye for now. Michale and Nathan spend the night with Uncle Andrea.